Wednesday, September 17, 2008


What turned up on my front porch this morning? My D200, freshly repaired and refurbished, from Nikon. I appreciate that it returned so quickly, but according to the guy at Nikon repair, yesterday, it wasn't supposed to ship for another 48 hours. However the Nikon repair status web page shows that the camera shipped 9/16/08. So, surprise, surprise! So far I have what appears to be on the surface a brand new D200. In addition to replacing the shattered LCD and repairing internal damage, Nikon replaced the rubber grips and several other seals. It appears that they also cleaned the sensor, but I have some small debris on the mirror or pentaprism that I did not notice before. Some spots on the sensor that were there before appear to have been removed. However, there is a persistent piece of debris that shows in the top right corner of the frame as a sort of jagged crescent that I did not see in any previous photos. This piece of debris appears to be welded to the filter that sits in front of the sensor. I guess the best way to deal with dirty sensors is to do it yourself, but I'm going to consult with a local camera repair first. To sum up; camera was shipped to Nikon 9/2/08. Nikon received camera 9/4/08. Camera repaired by 9/16/08 and returned to me on 9/17/08. I rate the communication problems with Nikon as minor and slightly irritating. I appreciate the speed of the repair process and the extensive replacement of seals and gaskets and the rubber grip. I am disturbed by the debris on the sensor. on a scale of 1-5 I give them a 3.

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