Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This photo was taken 4/14/08 in a little valley outside Townsend, Tennessee, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Note the Dogwood blooming on the right and the snow on the mountains in the background. Mid-April is the time to be in the Smokies and the surrounding area. Sometime in the near future I will post a guide for photographers who want to explore this area in the spring.


I've been busy with other concerns for the most part, but still missing my camera. If you read my previous post, the Nikon Repair facility in Melville, New York was supposed to contact me by Thursday 9/11/08, and inform me of the status of my D200 shipped on 9/2/08. Nikon received the camera 9/4/08. Today I received an email from Nikon with an estimate for repairs totaling $224.50 which includes tax and shipping. I immediately responded and approved the estimate. I will try to post on Friday 9/12/08 to document the progress on this matter. So far Nikon repair has done well by me.

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