Friday, September 5, 2008

Update on Nikon repair process

Nikon received my D200 via UPS yesterday, 9/4/08. Since I have not received verification of their receipt of the camera and being a neophyte with regard to Nikon repair I decided to contact their repair facility via phone. After navigating through a couple of levels of "press 1 for technical support or press 2 for repairs." I finally entered "5, to speak to a service representative," and took a deep breath, prepared for a long wait, I was surprised when a service representative immediately answered and provided answers to all my questions. He explained, with a definitive, but understandable accent, that there was a "system delay" and normal notification of receipt of products for repair was not working properly. He confirmed receipt of my camera by Nikon and promised I would receive an e-mail by next Thursday (9/11/08) confirming receipt, and providing a tracking number to use with their on-line system. Further, he promised I would receive my repaired camera by 10/4/08. So far, this has been a pretty painless experience.

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