Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still Waiting

Please note the link to Thom Hogan's excellent site This site does tend toward Nikon shooters, but there is some excellent information that would be beneficial to most photographers. Upon completion of the repair of my D200, I will post my experiences with Nikon Repair at Thom Hogan started this posting apparently due to concerns about Nikon repair experiences.

Thus, far Nikon repair reports that my D200 as; estimate accepted, on 9/9/08. Nikon's service repair rank is B2. According to the Nikon Service Status Check web page B2 means a moderate repair wityh major parts replaced. The problem according to Nikon is described as a broken display, clean and check. This is consitent with my evaluation and request for service. One caveat though is the information box on the Repair Status page, that reveals the message "If Parts Available," with the explanation, "Depending on the age of the product, some orders will display this message when replacement parts are limited." Does this mean parts are not available, back ordered, will there be a delay in the repair, or what? The information is not specific enough. I will contact Nikon repair on Monday, 9/15/08, unless there is a change in status. In the mean time, no camera, no photography.

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